Data Processing Activity

Data Processing Activity

Activities involving the processing of your personal data are for evaluating you; the data subject. This includes processing sensitive personal information about you. We also carryout systematic monitoring of some premises using CCTV equipment.
We evaluate information on an economic basis for credit referencing, and to establish your qualifying right to rent; which, in the case of residential letting is a statutory obligation. Prior to Setbray engaging with a credit referencing agency, we will ask you to complete an application form – including an acknowledgment of our privacy declaration. We ask you for a combination of personal data and transmit that information electronically, including to third parties. Our use of CCTV for public monitoring is carried out at our office in Burlees House on Hangingroyd lane. Also, Hardcastle, Wragley and Hawkstone House’s on Valley road and Windsor Works on Victoria road.

We gather a combination of personal data and transmit electronically, including to third parties. Subject to your acceptance of our terms, we will create a tenancy contract which is stored electronically and physically in files. Electronically and physically stored information of data subjects is to support confirmation of an applicants right to rent and for payment of rent. From time-to-time and on a need to basis, we share personal data such as name, address, e-mail and telephone number information with third party maintenance contractors using telephony and e-mail communication methods. We capture data subjects and public images using CCTV.

Electronic transmission is carried out using e-mail and is stored both electronically and in physical files. Our electronic information is stored using local hard-drive and Cloud storage facilities. Protection is provided by appropriate Cloud antivirus software which is on all computers and laptops, protecting against viruses, PUA’s (Potentially Unwanted Applications), Web threats and Malware attacks. The software runs continually in the background with real-time scanning and access control. The physical storage of applicant information is in filing cabinets within a filing room secured by combination lock. Personal information shared with third party maintenance contractors is retained by the third party; we periodically remind third parties of their obligation to protect data subject privacy and retain proof of same. We will only keep information for so long as there is a contract in place and for so long as there is reasonable need to keep it after the contract has expired. After which, it is certifiably destroyed or electronically deleted. Captured images are recorded and stored electronically on local hard drives and overwritten periodically. This activity takes place at:

  1. Burlees House,
  2. Hardcastle House,
  3. Wragley House,
  4. Hawkstone House and,
  5. Windsor Works.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or information that we hold about you, please contact us in person or by using post at:

Setbray Properties Ltd

Burlees House

Hangingroyd Lane

Hebden Bridge


Telephone: 01422 843048 e-mail: